“Ballerina Unikorn” Poster Collection

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Aside from creating beautiful crystal jewelry, I strive to inspire and motivate our future kings and queens. I want to connect with that big dreamer, and let them know something my mother told me…..

“You can do anything you put your mind to!”


In todays society, everyone needs someone to look up to, someone to remind them to KEEP GOING. Someone to let them know, it’s ok…you got this baby. We are here, and we got this. 

Each poster will be paired with a personalized message for your little one, and signed by yours truly. If your little one has dreams, aspirations, goals, or challenges…I want to hear about them. 

*after ordering, I will be reaching out to you via email with a few questions. Please be on the lookout! You can also choose to leave any notes that u would like me to keep in mind when personalizing your poster, INCLUDING YOUR CHILD’S NAME.


Posters are 18x24, full color matte. Also makes a great gift.