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The Kreative Unikorn LLC

Brand Ambassador Promo Kit

Brand Ambassador Promo Kit

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It’s official- Kreative Unikorn now has Brand Ambassador promo kits! This is a kit that clients and BAs can purchase and receive KU products at a discount! All I ask in return is you tag me in your unboxing video, and share your code!

Here are the tiers:

Moldavite Tier: $200 ($270 value of KU merch)

Amethyst Tier: $150 ($200 value of KU merch)

Selenite Tier: $100 ($175 value of KU merch)

Codes cannot be used on these kits, and they are customizable with ready to ship creations! BAs will be given first access, and supplies will be limited!

Included in the kits:
Intention oils
Palo Santo
Unwrapped crystals
Car accessories
And more!

If you do not have one already, you will be assigned a code to share when you do your unboxing and to use with future purchases!

Limit two kits per month. All sales final.

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Get to know The Kreative Unikorn

Kem is a New Orleans native and the artist behind The Kreative Unikorn LLC. In 2018, Kem turned her passion for crystals into a business, specializing in creating one-of-a-kind wire-wrapped jewelry and accessories that are just as unique as she is.

Kem's creativity and colorful self-expression don't stop with her crystals. She's also a talented dancer, model, and dedicated mother with a goal of showing her son the world. In fact, her son is one of her biggest inspirations and motivators, and lives by the motto she shared with her late mother, "You can do anything you put your mind to."

Beyond creating beautiful crystal creations, Kem's goal is to teach others how to tap into their power with these tools. She believes that crystals can be powerful tools for self-expression and healing, and she's passionate about sharing her knowledge with others.