Chakra boxes

Chakra boxes

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Seven chakra themed subscribtion boxes.
Full of amazing chakra- based elements.

Limited supply.

Boxes will include: 

- a wire wrapped creation

- a chakra candle 

- manifesting oil based on the chakra

- loose stones 

- affirmations

- journal prompts 

- and more!

There are 7 boxes total in this limited edition black box set. Boxes can be purchased individually, or all at once. Afterpay/shoppay will bill you for one box, and you are guaranteed to receive a box of you choose to set your subscription up through them. Auto draft directly through The Kreative Unikorn’s website is unavailable at this time

Subscription starts September 2022. Sign up is available between June 18th 2022 until July 20, 2022. 


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