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The Kreative Unikorn LLC

Custom Crystal Phone Case

Custom Crystal Phone Case

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*****PLEASE NOTE!!!!******
The Samsung cases, and the iPhone case that are listed as is, are for the phones that are mentioned in the listing! Please be sure that the case you select is for your phone before ordering. There will be NO refunds or exchanges, no exceptions  

Made to order, available for iPhone, Samsung, and more. 

Be sure to mention the make and model of your phone in the notes section, and I will take care of the rest!

Available stones/crystals:

1. Shungite: Blocks harmful cellular rays 

2. amethyst: protection, wards off negative energy

3. rose quartz: self love, peace, inner healing  

4. tiger eye: strength, fortune, clarity, calming

5. red jasper: strength, stamina, grounding 

6. turquoise: self realization, intuition

7. citrine: creativity, self expression

9. carnelian: stimulates sexuality, calming

10. lapiz: reveals inner truth, inspires confidence 

11. Green aventurine: healing, well being, creativity

12. Blue aventurine: calming, compassion, courage

13. Pyrite: willpower, money, protection 

14. Hematite: calming, grounding

15. moonstone: new beginnings  

Please be sure to include your phone make and model in the notes, as well as the stones/ crystals you would like me to use. You can also say "FREESTYLE", and I'll get super creative!

all sales final. 

I am NOT a Medical Doctor or Psychologist/Psychiatrist nor do I practice western medical assessment, diagnosis, or treatment. I do not claim to cure disease or mental health issues. Nor do I give advice about pharmaceuticals and medications at any time.

I have no objections and recommend to my clients that they see or be evaluated by their own medical doctor before altering or stopping any current treatment client is currently undergoing. If you have any questions or concerns about your condition, I highly recommend you discuss it with your physician.

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Get to know The Kreative Unikorn

Kem is a New Orleans native and the artist behind The Kreative Unikorn LLC. In 2018, Kem turned her passion for crystals into a business, specializing in creating one-of-a-kind wire-wrapped jewelry and accessories that are just as unique as she is.

Kem's creativity and colorful self-expression don't stop with her crystals. She's also a talented dancer, model, and dedicated mother with a goal of showing her son the world. In fact, her son is one of her biggest inspirations and motivators, and lives by the motto she shared with her late mother, "You can do anything you put your mind to."

Beyond creating beautiful crystal creations, Kem's goal is to teach others how to tap into their power with these tools. She believes that crystals can be powerful tools for self-expression and healing, and she's passionate about sharing her knowledge with others.