Custom Crystal Phone Case

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Made to order, available for iPhone, Samsung, and more. 

Be sure to mention the make and model of your phone in the notes section, and I will take care of the rest!

Available stones/crystals:

1. Shungite: Blocks harmful cellular rays 

2. amethyst: protection, wards off negative energy

3. rose quartz: self love, peace, inner healing  

4. tiger eye: strength, luck, clarity, reduces anxiety

5. red jasper: strength, stamina, grounding 

6. turquoise: self realization, intuition

7. citrine: creativity, self expression

9. carnelian: stimulates sexuality, reduces stress 

10. lapiz: reveals inner truth, inspires confidence 

11. Green aventurine: healing, well being, creativity

12. Blue aventurine: calming, compassion, courage

13. Pyrite: willpower, money, protection 

14. Hematite: reduces stress, grounding

15. moonstone: new beginnings  

Please be sure to include your phone make and model in the notes, as well as the stones/ crystals you would like me to use. You can also say "FREESTYLE", and I'll get super creative!

all sales final.