Resin Crystal Plugs and Weights

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Custom plugs are $35.35 a pair, regardless of the size  please be sure to select the correct option. 

 Please note: smaller gauges do not have the capacity to hold multiple stones. 

Sizes available: 

4mm (6G) to 30mm (1 1/8) Good news! Crystal weights are now available!

I have a variety of stones/ crystals to choose from!


 Available stones/crystals:

1. Shungite: Blocks harmful cellular rays 

2. amethyst: protection, wards off negative energy

3. rose quartz: self love, peace, inner healing  

4. tiger eye: strength, luck, clarity, reduces anxiety

5. red jasper: strength, stamina, grounding 

6. turquoise: self realization, intuition

7. citrine: creativity, self expression

9. carnelian: stimulates sexuality, reduces stress 

10. lapiz: reveals inner truth, inspires confidence 

11. Green aventurine: healing, well being, creativity

12. Blue aventurine: calming, compassion, courage

13. Pyrite: willpower, money, protection 

14. Hematite: reduces stress, grounding

15. mica 

16. Sodalite 

17. moonstone 


black sand, sage, and copper accents can be added to most gauge sizes as well. Keep in mind, smaller sizes may only be able to hold a few stones! Email me at if you have any concerns or questions regarding this option! 

All sales are final!

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