Branching Out!

Branching Out!

I have always been a woman full of layers....


Even as a child, I was into all kinds of things, little by little. As i grew up, I allowed other people and society's standards peel away and pull off a lot of my layers. I wasnt skinny enough for ballet, a certian style of modeling I wanted to do, I needed to weigh a little bit less than i did, if i wanted to be a gymnyst, an ice skater...

Then I had to be damn near naked to be in music videos, just to dance. I let it stop me. As an adult, I let my partners peel and pull, peel and pull.

I finally reached a point in my life where i could not tell me, let alone anyone else, who I was.

Eventually, after heartbreaks, self harm, physical and verbal abuse... i started taking back, repairing, and replacing my layers.

As you all know, I am a creative. I can do some amazing things with crystals, but I am so much more than wire wrapping. I sing, dance, I model, I'm goofy, I'm a mother, I paint, and I write poetry. I'm tapping back into my gifts, and I'm certain it is because of where I am in my healing journey.

Please stay tuned for some amazing in person events and performances from The Kreative Unikorn, which will be listed on my Events page. If I am not in your area, there are two things you can do to support:

1. email me at and share with me any contact info for any event you would like me to vend or perform at! Be sure to put "TRAVEL TIME!" in the subject line!

2. Head over to this link:

and grab your autographed Unikorn Ballerina poster! I am performing in the DFW area this month, but you have to be following me on IG (@the_kreative_unikorn) or FB (Katana Sykes) to find out where!


Thanks for allowing me to take up space!

PS: If you would like to check out my podcast interview, please click this link!

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