Common Crystals/ Stones (Available for Custom Creations!)

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Common Crystals and Their Metaphysical Properties 

These are only a portion of the crystals I have access to, and properties that resonate with most if not all of my clients. I will be adding more soon, but feel free to email or text me if you are looking for a particular stone/crystal!

Amazonite: good luck and fortune 

Amethyst: repels anxiety and depression, heightens spiritual awareness, relieves insomnia 


Carnelian: emotional warmth and creativity, reconciliation 

Citrine: success, energy, positivity, confidence 


Fluorite: luck, abundance, absorbs and neutralizes stress and anxiety 


Lapis: royalty, courage, friendship 

Larimar: dispels grief, promotes peace 


Golden Healer: amplify your intentions, and release blockages 

Green Aventurine: luck, prosperity, wealth, and inner peace 


Hematite: focus, concentration, reliability, courage, grounding 


Pyrite: prosperity, intelligence, mental stability 


Quartz: energy amplifier, harmony, healing 


Rose Quartz: self love, caring, friendship, companionship 


Smoky quartz: protection, grounding, awareness 

Sodalite: communication, relieves insomnia 


Tektites: (moldavite, columbianite origin) facilitate communication with otherworldly realms and encourage spiritual growth. 

Tiger eye: strength, grounding, courage, protection 

Tourmaline: protection, strength, flexibility, understanding