I See Me, and She is Lookin Good As Hell.

I See Me, and She is Lookin Good As Hell.

I have had some time to think about this statement on a spiritual level for several years. I have stopped to rest many times on my journey, and I have always been unsure if I was in fact on the right path. Allow me to explain.

I remember being on the cusp of understanding that the place I was in was not for me- wrong career, wrong friends, wrong family ties, wrong romantic partners, wrong mindsets. I wasn't prepared for what happened next....the number of people that cut me off while I was in transition, and how difficult it was to let go. I have always talked about making space, but I didn't want it to be like this...I WANTED it to be gentle with me, cause I had been through so much. I mourned so many lost connections and opportunities, it was insane. But it was needed. It was part of my process, so I leaned in.

The next wave of events/experiences....I was ready.

I had to revamp who I was to me. I had to set the bar. I tried doing it BEFORE I detached from things that didn't serve me, and it was a train wreck. I tried skipping steps....NEVER AGAIN.

It was time to set the bar...I had to reconnect with me, and love on me the way I deserved to be loved on. No more begging people to see me, who didn't deserve to see me. Forcing someone to see you, all while being blinded by your light is a waste of your time and theirs! So stop it!

The chapter I am in right now, requires me to see me, and show up fully and unapologetically. No more fighting to be seen, or proving anything to anyone. I am no longer imprisoned by the perceptions of others. So far, I love what I see. If that changes, I will make the proper adjustments.

Remember this: Assess your path, and where you are on it. Reassess. Consider whether or not its serving you. What do your surroundings look like? How are your thoughts? That's inner vs outer.....make the changes you need to make on the inside, to shift the outer experience.


The goal is to truly see you for who you are, and be in love with it. Everything else will fall into place.



Stay tuned for the next podcast where I delve into this further on 1/31, available here: https://anchor.fm/kreativeunikorn


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i automatically wentninto self assessment mode. thankyou. Shared.


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