New Moon Mindset

New Moon Mindset

Fun fact: I walked these lines under the new moon for one hour. AN HOUR. If you know me on any level, you know that’s a damn accomplishment. Lawd…..but guess what?
If I can’t try no new shit, how would I be able to receive no new blessings, opportunities, situations, etc? Time to make a major shift!!!
New moon energy.
New life.
New mindset.
New Transitions.
New connections.
New levels.
New perspectives.
Evolve in a way that reflects your personal growth, be patient with yourself, and the process.
Don’t hold in too tight to what you thought it would be…and release the things that you have outgrown.
Make peace with your past, be present in the present.
Prepare yourself for all that you have been working hard for.
Walk in your truth, and your circle will shift in a way that reflects that truth.
Those connections based out of fear, trauma, desperation, lack, ignorance, and complacency….LET. THEM. GO.
Release that shit.
Embrace all that’s meant for you.
Make space.
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I definitely have some things to let go of. I appreciate that you said so much without typing a lot. ❤️❤️❤️

Tana Thurman

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