The 4 Principals of Creation...

There are 9, but let’s talk about these!
1) The most powerful tool we have in Creation is Love. When we live in the state of love AS the frequency of love, we continually draw things to us that match that state. So love money, love your bodies, love your family, love your country, love your world, and, above all, love yourself. You are in relationship with it all!
2) We are working with energy in all dimensions and space/time continuum Energy is not tied to a place or time. Energy is connected between the different dimensions and is present at every point of the space/time continuum.
3) We choose, direct, commit, feel love, and then trust the Universe to create miraculous things with us We co-create our reality with the Universe. It’s like a beautiful dance! We direct energy consciously, and then the Universe responds with the physical manifestation of our commands. It’s a miraculous, wonderful process.
😎 We stay in our Knowing and trust. Staying in our Knowing is the most empowering position to be in – and trusting our co-creation with the Universe is the fastest way to accelerate our manifestations!
4) We let go Letting go of anything that is unlike Love. Letting go of patterns that no longer serve us. Letting go of trying to control “how” our manifestations will take place.
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