Trust The Process, or Create a New One

Trust The Process, or Create a New One

We Have Our Moments...


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We are all gonna go through something at some point, no doubt. The trick is this tho, there is no way to AVOID going through anything we may deem stressful, painful, discouraging etc...we CAN however, preventing these things from CONSUMING us.

Allow me to explain.

We are human. We have feelings. They get hurt all the time. But what do we do to moove past it? Do we believe we can move past it, or do we believe we should be allowed to feel? To sulk even? Well, all are correct. It literally boils down to time, processing, perception, and action.

TIME- How long are we gonna feel these emotions? How long is too long? Who decides if and when we should move on? WE DO. Not anyone else, no matter how close they are to you. Encouragement is cool (which is why its important to be mindful of your circle), but you have to believe that it's time to move forward. If its forced, from a place of uncertainty, it can come back around, or hit you even harder. So make sure you get it all out.

PROCESSING- Make it make sense. Ground yourself in the situation for a moment and look around. take inventory. What now? What happened? Why did it happen? Could I have done anything personally to prevent or avoid it? Can I do anything now to stop or reverse it? Did I see it coming? What behaviors or habits should I put in place or stop, so this won't upset me so much if it happens again? The questions can seem to be never ending, but you have to ask them. This is the time to take notes. Make your list. And BREATHE. 

PERCEPTION- Time to prepare yourself for the next move. Set the tone. Is this the beginning or end of something? Is there a plan B or C? What's the takeaway? Was this a lesson learned? Is there a reason this has happened, or keeps happening? How's your attitude right this moment as you reflect, and is it helping your cause? This would be a great time to speak aloud a few of your most inspiring affirmations/ words of encouragement:

1. I got this.

2. I am grateful for this experience.

3. I am looking forward to the next time I can apply these new behaviors and habits.

ACTION- Now this last step is more important than you think. It is an opportunity for you to decide if you need to revisit any of the previous steps. If you do, IT'S OK. Don't beat yourself up, and don't feel pressured to move forward. When you have exhausted all your resources, you will know what your next move needs to be, and at what time. Sometimes we need more time to prepare ourselves, or maybe it hasn't really set in whats happening to us, with us, or for us.

We have to have a system in place, when events challenge our flow. In order to do that, we need to detach from our defeated mindset that we fall into sometimes. We need to free ourselves from the idea that "nothing bad is supposed to happen to me". We must desire growth and personal evolution. It is in fact a process, so patience is important. Just know that sh!t may still hit the fan while you are working all this out...just remember your goal, your process, and KEEP GOING.

You are capable.


The Kreative Unikorn


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This is very inspiring and truly has inspired me to start doing this when I feel a certain way. I have some mental diagnosis and doing work sheets and such help me ; and this article gave me inspiration to make a worksheet with using ur sections and questions, etc.

Kiana Cheatley

I appreciate your words…they are right on the perfect vibrations. Thank you.


True indeed

Qween Hannah Locks

We should be able to feel and let something’s just pass by… To me, that is what keeps me balanced. To fell and to let it pass… Something’s is not ment to be held on to.

Qween Hannah Locks

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