Unveiling an Intriguing Fact:

Unveiling an Intriguing Fact:

The visionary mind behind The Kreative Unikorn, the CEO, first conceived her venture in 2017, rather than 2018. While KULLC officially debuted on Etsy in 2018, it swiftly migrated to its own Shopify-based platform. Observing a consistent surge in sales from 2019 to the summer of 2020, The Kreative Unikorn's CEO departed from her EMS profession in New Orleans, seeking new horizons in Deep Ellum, Tx. Unbeknownst to her, profound challenges lay ahead.

Navigating through trials encompassing domestic violence, hospitalization, alcohol dependence, self-inflicted harm, depression, and even resorting to sleeping on an air mattress in her office space, KULLC endured with unwavering resilience. Balancing the well-being of others against her own well-being during this period was undeniably distressing.

As The Kreative Unikorn progressed past the formidable three-year milestone, a glimmer of improvement emerged. However, an extensive journey of healing remained. Liberated from her abuser's presence under the same roof, the healing process commenced, albeit at a significant personal cost. A reset was in motion, occurring at the most inopportune juncture. Deep into its fourth year, KULLC encountered a breakup, substantial financial adversity, heightened medical challenges, and a need for surgery. Sales witnessed a sharp decline, coinciding with the unfortunate unraveling of a promising remote work arrangement. Or did it?

The year 2023 has unveiled an array of both enriching experiences and challenging lessons for The Kreative Unikorn LLC. The path to growth is boundless, perpetually offering opportunities for learning and sharing wisdom with others.


Stay connected for more to come. For more info about my journey, click here for the full YouTube video (TW: Domestic Violence)

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