How to Care for Your Crystals

How to Care for Your Crystals

Empower yourself. Empower your crystals.

Cleansing and charging:

* To activate your crystals, sage them and set your intentions.

* Depending on the stone, you can charge them in the sun or moonlight. Full moon energies have a very strong clearing energy. If you choose the sun, limit the time to about 30 minutes.

* Place your crystal in the branches of a healthy plant for 24 hours. Morning is best, nut do what you feel!

* Sound is also a good option…chanting, singing bowls, drums etc

* Spring water is an awesome way to cleanse your stones too! Be sure to research your stone to determine if yours is water safe.

* Sea or Himalayan salt in a bowl is another great option.
Caring for your copper/ silver/ bronze- wrapped jewelry:

* If your piece is wrapped with copper, avoid extensive amounts of moisture. I only create with pure untreated materials, meaning it will tarnish over time. Simply clean with a cloth, using non-toxic jewelry cleaner, or citrus.


Other Important Tips:

Be mindful of your thoughts before and while handling your crystals! Take time to get to know them. Self-guided research is always the best form of research! And remember, these crystals, candles, herbs, and spells are meant to assist YOU! They are additions or accessories to YOU, because YOU are the primary source of your power!

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