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The Kreative Unikorn LLC



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Don’t know what you want? I got you!!!! I’ll surprise you with something beautiful! Please see options below. While youre here, check out some of my beautiful Kreative Unikon clients!

 Examples of what my be in your box:

3333- rings, earrings, pendants, Blünt holder  

5555- two of the above 

8888- three of the above, plus intention oils

22222- three of the above, plus a wand, intention pens 

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All sales are final. 

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Discover The Kreative Unikorn: Where Crystals and Creativity Collide!

At the heart of The Kreative Unikorn, you'll find a blend of crystal energies and the enchanting artistry of wire alchemy. Hailing from the lively city of New Orleans, and balancing the roles of a proud mom and a survivor of domestic violence, my journey reflects a commitment to creativity and innovation. In short, I've turned a simple spark of inspiration into a thriving venture.

I'm all about empowering individuals—just like I've empowered myself. My mission is to encourage everyone to be unapologetic and authentic, much like the unique vibes of crystals. This mission takes form in crafting engaging written pieces and curating visually captivating content, echoing the dance of crystals in every way, from crown to root.

Right before I hit my 5th year, I realized that I had finally mad space to make an even greater impact in the lives of others, both business and personal. In addition to my beautiful creations, I nurture startups, breathe new life into established brands, and guide fellow creatives to shine bright. It all springs from my belief in the powerful fusion of creativity and strategy.

As The Kreative Unikorn, I act as an inspiration catalyst, fostering collaborations and cultivating a space where imagination flourishes. This journey is a testament to my unshakable faith in the dynamic blend of innovation and creativity, echoing the captivating allure of crystals and the graceful dance of wire alchemy.