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The Kreative Unikorn LLC



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This is a RELAUNCH! Do not miss out on this! 
These are one on one over the phone sessions. These calls allow you to ask me anything about topic is off limits. If I can provide insight on why you are emitting the energies you are emitting, I will share. The goal here is clarity and insight. 

Creative ways to utilize this service:

  • Need to discuss a pressing issue
  • Venting
  • Family conflicts
  • Business/ personal assessments
  • Platonic/ romantic conflicts 
  • Motivational/ inspirational pep talks
  • Confirmation session  

These calls are booked no earlier than two weeks in advance, no exceptions. Limited time slots available. 


you are allowed to reschedule your call no later than ONE WEEK after booking, free of charge. 

No refunds are given of any kind, for any reason.

Please provide a number where you can be reached, and your time zone in the notes when booking this option. I will reach out to you to verify the number, and set your appointment. 

*These calls require a lot of energy from me. In order for me to be available to you, I must be prepared. Thank you for your understanding.

All sales final, no exceptions. The scheduling process process begins 24-48 hours after initial purchase. If you are unable to agree to the terms and conditions, or require an expedited call, please do not purchase. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Korreon “Dozer” Gillis
Awesomeness to Infinity & Beyond

If I tell you this woman here is the real deal. Grateful insight, amazing energy!!!! Very intune with issues that can be plaguing people and how to go about reaching healing. Allowing a person to vent and sort out there issues is something that everyone must have. Very attentive ear and comforting to talk to and allow yourself to be vulnerable in a good space. Thank you so much!!!

Thank you so much for the feedback! xoxo

Wooooo chileeeeeee

If it’s one thing I can say about this is that she is on point and gave me confirmation on things. I didn’t say much information to give her lead way. She picked up on my energy and told me things I have been feeling or things that happened in my life. Once I spoke all I can say after was I absolutely agree and I thank her for everything during the call. If you haven’t set up a pow wow I HIGHLY SUGGEST YOU DO. Period ahh period ughhh 😂

Thank you so much for the feedback! xoxo

How I came to love this company...

Kem has a way of getting you to focus on what matters... she will find a way to cast your negative thought patterns out and help you dig deep. Eventually, you're going to see what makes you special.

All that other is? It will melt away.

As a business owner, I am in a constant state of chaos, stress and tension. She has helped me center myself, and my company has started to flourish again.

Invest in YOU! it's worth it!


Beautiful deed to give… an unbiased ear and genuine feedback! It’s amazing! We all need guidance from time to time🖤🖤🖤

Thank you so much for the feedback! xoxo

Janet M.

Prior to her implementing these services, her and I have shared multiple moments of heartfelt conversations. I have been a part of her journey and her customer since 2018. Her knowledge and ability to understand and listen to others, is impeccable. She genuinely gives effort into providing the best advice for each individual situation. Her energy and aura creates a safe and trusting place for anyone to disclose some of the things we would be afraid of speaking with other people.

I have found my strength not only through her products but also her communication. I have learn to focus on my peace, my purpose and my happiness through her encouragement and guidance. I have learned to become more confident in the person I am, who I want to become and the unknown. I have learned through her how to trust even if I am not sure where life may turn. She has encouraged me to pursue my dreams and turn them into my career, which has been a difficult journey for me.

I am truly grateful to have Kem in my life. She is truly an inspiration and has impacted my life in more ways than one. I would highly recommend her services to anyone, of all ages.